Agricultural shows to get grants of up to €5,000


    Agricultural shows to get grants of up to €5,000

    Niamh Roche from Carlow working with her commercial cattle at The Ossory Show. Photo: Alf Harvey
    Niamh Roche from Carlow working with her commercial cattle at The Ossory Show. Photo: Alf Harvey

    Ireland’s 120 agricultural shows will be eligible for grants of up to €5,000 Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring has announced.

    Minister Ring has said that a €600,000 allocation by
    his Department to agricultural shows represents an important
    investment in rural communities and the rural economy.

    The funding
    will funding support approximately 120 agricultural shows around
    the country which are due to take place in 2019.

    Each show is
    eligible to receive €5,000 from the Government in an effort to
    support these important rural community events.

    This investment is
    being carried out in coordination with the Irish Shows Association
    (ISA) and the recipients are all members of that Association.

    year Minister Ring introduced funding to support agricultural shows
    taking place in 2018 in recognition of the difficulties experienced
    by shows in recent years.

    Minister Ring said that investing in
    agricultural shows is an an investment in rural culture and all
    that is good about rural Ireland.

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    “At the Bonniconlon Show in Mayo
    yesterday, and at other shows I have visited this summer, I have
    seen the impact of the funding I allocated for this year’s shows. I
    am delighted to be in a position to provide these shows with
    financial support to enable the shows invest in and improve their
    shows for the summer of 2019.

    “Agricultural shows are a great
    celebration of rural culture which contribute significantly to the
    local economies of towns and villages and their hinterlands across
    Ireland. They are only able to continue because of the commitment
    of local volunteers,”he said.

    Minister Ring added that he is
    confident that the fund will give a boost to smaller agricultural
    shows that rely heavily on local volunteers.

    “I know that many
    shows experienced difficulties in recent years and I hope that this
    funding will help the shows overcome issues that may have hindered

    Smaller shows have particularly struggled in recent years and
    I am providing these shows with the same amount as larger shows,
    recognising the particular pressures being faced by these smaller

    “I’m delighted to be able to assist them in this way for
    2019. I look forward to sitting down with the Chairman of the Irish
    Shows Association in the autumn to review the benefit of the
    funding provided to all the shows in 2018 and to discuss the
    allocation for 2019,” he said.

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